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Thanks to our Talixo Travel Agency account we saved hours on managing trips for our guests!
2012 Best Startup Award
Skolkovo Prize for IT and Energy Efficiency

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Features of the TALIXO Travel Agency Account

Get your brand out there

Take control of your customers with a passenger app tailored specifically for your business.

Available for iOS and Android.

Establish your own channel

Instead of being dependent on external agencies, establish your own brand and attract regular customers to your service.

Automate your business

All of the bookings coming through the apps are pushed directly to the drivers - take a week of exotic vacation while your business keeps running smoothly!

Access all details of bookings in one glance!

The Talixo Travel Agency Account offers multiuser functionality, which allows you to register all your booking agents so that they can book transfers respectively.

At the same time, all bookings are accessible and manageable under one centralized Talixo Travel Agency Account. With just one dashboard screen you can have an immediate grasp of the latest status of your bookings and invoices.

It's high time to surge your income with Talixo!

Talixo always offers you a fair deal which reflects local taxi & limo rates and ensures top quality of service at the same time. Regardless of vehicle types and locations, Talixo shows competitive rates owing to our direct partnership with local fleets.

For travel agencies with high booking volume, we provide not only total volume bonus but special rates for certain locations where you book frequently.

Have perfect customer satisfaction with few costs!

Tired of dealing with client delay incidents?

Endless efforts of calculating extra delay costs caused by clients?

Try Flex Fee tariff, a fixed price per booking to guarantee an unlimited waiting time for all your clients!

Once you switch it on, you can forget about all delay consequences!

Create new revenue with the easy setting!

Do you charge a commission or service fee for every transport you book for the clients? Talixo’s build-in solution of Handling Fee ensures this fee is at all times included in the price when you book with Talixo.

It's quick, easy and changeable at any time in the system. You can specify Handling Fee either in percentage or in a fixed fee at will and earn an additional revenue for your business.

Présent dans plus de 711 villes à travers le monde

Réservez à travers le monde avec Talixo.

Talixo's global coverage as well as 24/7 duty of care support will be your best ground transport partner ever

Boost your income by benefiting from an additional revenue stream.

Generate a second revenue stream based on your monthly booking volume.

The more bookings you place on Talixo, the more money you get back every month.

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